Calabrass is a magical, speaking sword and a main protagonist of the television show Zak Storm. He lives in the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle.


Calabrass is a skull on a double-handed sword. His blade is black with silver highlights. The wooden cross guard to which he is mounted has seven points with jewels on the ends. Each jewel represents a different Sea and a different power associated with that sea. When a power is used, Calabrass' eyes glow the color of the jewel.




Depending on the Sea, Calabrass gains the abilities and powers associated with the Seven Seas.


Zak Storm

Zak is the boy who wields Calabrass. Calabrass guides him through the Seven Seas.


Skullivar wants Calabrass for his own personal gain.


  • Calabrass wasn't originally a talking sword.
    • In promotional artwork from when the show was titled "The 7C's," Calabrass was a nonspeaking sword with only four jewels on the wooden crossguard, the colors being green, blue, red, and white.
      • It is thought that the blue gem represented Sino and the red gem represented the Blazz.