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Major Spoilers May Be Contained

List of Pixie Girl characters contains information that has not yet been released. If you would not like spoilers, please click to another page.

This is a list of Pixie Girl characters who have appeared throughout the entire series.

Pixie Girl characters

Image Name
Pixie Girl
See Pixie Girl.
Pixie girl sorcerer The Sorcerer
See The Sorcerer.
Dracula with Mama Witch
Dracula (left), Mama Witch (right)
Dracula is a vampire and villain, and is based off of the popular folklore character.
Dracula with Mama Witch
Dracula (left), Mama Witch (right)
Mama Witch
See Mama Witch.
Thewitch The Witch
The Witch is a competitor of Pixie Girl.
Little is known about this character, other than his appearance and that he is an antagonist.
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Gargoyle is an antagonist that is based off of the popular folklore creatures.
Unnamed Bug Unnamed bug
See Unnamed Bug.
Goblintroll Goblin/troll
The goblin/troll has an appearance similar to a goblin and a troll, and an antagonist.
Unnamed Human
Unnamed human
The boy is a friend of Pixie Girl and his name is yet to be revealed.