Miss Rose is the main character of the show Miss Rose. She is a magical spy living in London.[1]


While it is unknown which girl is Miss Rose, she wears a business suit as her everyday wear and a skintight suit when she is acting as a spy. One of these suits is pink and the other is blue. In both suits, she wears a matching fedora.




Miss Rose is a spy. Therefore, she is very agile and walks quietly. She also has a cane. It is unknown whether she uses it as a weapon or not.


Miss Rose's Sister

Miss Rose's Sister is her friend and her fellow spy compatriot.


  • It is currently unknown which girl is Miss Rose. However, it can be assumed the character with the pink suit may be Miss Rose, as the colour "rose" is a shade of pink.
  • It was confirmed that the two are sisters on Jermey Zag's instagram