Major Spoilers May Be Contained

Miss Rose contains information that has not yet been released. If you would not like spoilers, please click to another page.

Miss Rose is the main character of the show Miss Rose. She is a magical spy living in London.[1]


While it is unknown which girl is Miss Rose, she wears a business suit as her everyday wear and a skintight suit when she is acting as a spy. One of these suits is pink and the other is blue. In both suits, she wears a matching fedora.




Miss Rose is a spy. Therefore, she is very agile and walks quietly. She also has a cane. It is unknown whether she uses it as a weapon or not.


Miss Rose's Sister

Miss Rose's Sister is her friend and her fellow spy compatriot.


  • It is currently unknown which girl is Miss Rose. However, it can be assumed the character with the pink suit may be Miss Rose, as the colour "rose" is a shade of pink.
  • It was confirmed the the two are sisters on Jermey Zag's instagram


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