Major Spoilers May Be Contained

Pixie Girl contains information that has not yet been released. If you would not like spoilers, please click to another page.

Pixie Girl is a character that protects New York City, alongside with The Sorcerer. According to Jeremy Zag, Pixie Girl was born as a pixie.[1]


It is known that she has honey blonde hair and green eyes.

As a superhero, she wears a pink bodysuit with a green gem on her chest. As seen on a promotional image, in the bangs, a long piece of hair is shown to stick out. Her mask is pink and white, and is tied with a regular pink rubberband. On another promotional image, however, her hair is shown to be tied with flowers. She has pink transparent wings with decorative designs on them. She is also seen with a rose that ties around her waist.




As a fairy, Pixie Girl is able to fly with her wings. She is also able to grow plants in case of emergency.[2]


The Sorcerer

She and The Sorcerer are companions in saving New York City.

Unnamed Bug

They appear to live with her as a pet or companion.




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