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Popples is a children's animated television series based on the Popples toy line produced by Saban Brands and Zagtoon. The series portrays the adventures of the comedic pals Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy, and Yikes. It is an original series distributed by Netflix. The last Popples television adaptation to air was a 1986 animated series


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An amazing species of creatures that can pop into and out of a ball. The story is driven by the optimistic comedic enthusiasm of the BPP's (Best Popple Pals): Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. Always wanting to help their friends, neighbors and each other, their efforts often times backfire in hilarious ways and they must spend the rest of the episode trying to unwind the mayhem they've caused. Luckily they always manage to save the day in their own POP-tastic way.


Main characters[edit]

  • Bubbles (voiced by Cassandra Morris)
  • Lulu (voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Sunny (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald Season 1, & Wendee Lee Season 2-3)
  • Izzy (voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Yikes (voiced by Grant George)

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Mike Mine (voiced by Ben Diskin)
  • Gruffman (voiced by Ezra Weisz)
  • Penny & Polly Popplar (both voiced by Reba Buhr)
  • Miss Shush (voiced by Karen Strassman)
  • Mayor Maynot (voiced by Joey D'Auria)
  • Babapop (voiced by Joey D'Auria)
  • Coach Loudly (voiced by Ron Pardo)
  • Mrs. Snooply (voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent)
  • HELP-R

Guest Star

  • Squeaky Pop (voiced by Megan Nicole)