Tikki is the kwami connected to the Ladybug Miraculous. She helps Marinette transform into Ladybug.


Tikki is a small crimson creature with a large head, a tiny body, and dark blue eyes. She resembles a ladybug, with two antennae, large black spots on her forehead and cheeks, and a short tail with three tips aligned vertically.


Tikki is calm and collected[1], while being optimistic, loving, kind, and encouraging. Having a lot of wisdom, Tikki is very open to giving advice, and she will call people out for bad decisions if necessary. She believes in the importance of saving the world, even willing to help Marinette transform instead of seeing Master Fu to get healed when she was sick. She can also act a bit rashly if she needs to achieve something important.


Tikki is able to fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects.

As a kwami, Tikki gives Marinette her power of creation (good luck) and transforms her into Ladybug by entering the Ladybug Miraculous. Whenever Marinette uses Lucky Charm, Tikki begins losing power and eventually can't retain the transformation any longer, leaving the earrings and reverting Marinette back to normal. To be able to transform her again, she must refuel by eating food like cookies.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Tikki sees Marinette as a fantastic hero who has improved over time, a talented designer, and a sweet friend. The duo have a warm relationship, with Tikki cheering up Marinette whenever she is upset or assisting her in anything, including her fashion work or plans to win Adrien's heart.

Tikki worries a lot about Marinette having her alter ego revealed, expressing concern when Marinette writes in her diary about her adventures as Ladybug. Having been partners with multiple Ladybugs before, Tikki says that Marinette is the cutest, and she is proud of her for doing her best as the current Ladybug.

Master Fu

Tikki knows Master Fu, referring to him as the Great Guardian.


While Tikki and Plagg have yet to be seen together in the show, they "know each other very well."[2]


  • Tikki's name means "happiness" in another language.[3]
  • In an interview, Mela Lee revealed that Tikki likes baking, but that she is too small to bake, and so will spend time just reading recipe books.[4]