Hi. This is my To Do List. I'm going to try to get this stuff done within the next year. I say year because it is quite a few things that need to be done and I am busy with college.


Add Miraculous Ladybug characters

  • Alya
    • Add more to page
  • Chloe with an accent on the e
    • Add more to page
  • Tikki
    • Add more to page
  • Plagg
    • Add more to page
  • Hawk Moth
  • Master Fu
  • Other main characters deemed necessary as time goes on

Add Zak Storm characters

  • Calabrass
  • Caramba
  • Cece
  • Clovis
  • Crogar
  • Golden Bones
  • Skulivar
  • Zak Storm
  • Other main characters deemed necessary when they are revealed and as time goes on

Add Pixie Girl characters

  • Sorcerer
  • Other main characters

Add Miss Rose characters

  • Miss Rose
  • Miss Rose's friend

Check other Wikias for characters.


  • Add Paris
  • Add New York
  • Add Bermuda Triangle
  • Add London


  • Add links to the respective shows' Wikias
  • Add in other show pages and characters
  • Fix Navigation Bar
    • Needs better format for future shows
    • Needs a fixed People tab
    • Needs more categories
  • Get with Lilygem to see what else is needed

I will update this periodically. What is in italics is what has been done for now. What is in bold is what I'm working on next.

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