Zagtoon Logo

Zagtoon, also known as ZAG Animation Studios or simply ZAG, is a production/animation company founded in 2009 by Jeremy Zag.



Title Release date Coproduced with
Rosie 2009 2Minutes
Kobushi 2011 Gulli, Inspidea, AB Production
Sammy & Co. 2014
Popples 2015 American Greetings, Method Animation
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir 2015-2016 Toei, SK Broadband, Method Animation and SAMG Animation
Zak Storm 2017 Man of Action, Method Animation, Bandai America, SAMG Animation


Title Release date Coproduced with
Power Players 2018
Pixie Girl 2018 TBA
Superstar 2018
Ghostforce 2018
Miss Rose 2019
Gayajin 2020




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