Zagtoon Wiki is a community where you can add pages for the shows, yes? Well, there still are rules. 


As you can see, these rules are listed under "Users". This basically means your behaviour towards other users. Breaking any of these rules will result in bans (time may vary). 


You MUST NOT disrespect other religions. For example, if a user brings up a topic about religion, you MAY NOT cuss or insult them about that specific religion, as I am sure you have learned to not disrespect others. Breaking this rule once results in three-week ban, and so on. If you are to break this rule over 10 times, you will result in a permanent ban as this is a very important topic.


So just because someone's a different race from you means you can judge them and avoid them every way possible? WRONG. Not only is that extremely racist, but that is also very offensive to other users and they can even believe nobody likes them. Racism is NOT tolerated here in Zagtoon Wiki, and it's not in school either. Breaking this rule once results in an automatic two-week ban.

Racial Slurs

Much like the above section, racial slurs are not tolerated. If you say anything offensive to a specific culture or religion, an admin will message you on your wall, giving you a warning. If you ignore the warning, you will have a five-day ban.


Being homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual is fine here in Zag Wiki. However, insulting them by their sexuality is NOT okay. This commonly results in a week-long ban, depending on how offensive the insult is. 


If a user does something that admins don't "like", simply ask them nicely to stop. Do not curse at them. If someone edits another user's page, then okay. Don't go to their message wall screaming and calling them names. Sure, you're defending someone, but cursing is NOT OKAY. This will result in three day bans.


Now, of course, editing has a lot of rules too.


Before undo-ing someone's edit on a page, think to yourself: "Why?" Is it spam, vandalism, plagiarism or inaccurate information? When undo-ing edits, please write in the summary why you undid that edit.


This wiki absolutely bans plagiarism. Plagiarizing is illegal, and if performed in school, chances are, you could get expelled out of school. Two times is a warning, and the third time is a three-week long ban because copying original work is illegal, once again.


Some rules may not be listed here, but if a user sees trolling or anything harmful, please report this to an admin, and the admin will take care of everything (they will write a message first). 


Now, if an admin breaks any of these rules, they will be no longer admin until your ban is "complete" (the time depends on which rule you broke.

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