Zak Storm: Super Pirate is an upcoming CGI-animated series. It is co-produced by Zagtoon, Method Animation, SamG, and Man of Action. It first aired in France on December 2, 2016[1], with 39 episodes each 23 minutes long.[2]


"Zak Storm" tells of the adventures of Zak Storm – a headstrong and adventurous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle while trying to win a surfing competition. Once inside, Zak partners up with a magical sword that allows him to transform into a swashbuckling, renegade hero to face the numerous perils of the unique and diverse Seven Seas of the Triangle. Young Zak sails the Triangle's seven mysterious seas with an extraordinarily otherworldly ship and crew comprised of an enchanted talking sword, an Atlantean headstrong female first mate, a thick-headed heavy-fisted Viking, a neurotic space traveler, and a poltergeist prankster kid! [3]


Zak Storm: Super Pirate has its very own wiki!



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The show first aired on Channel J in France on December 2, 2016.


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